Prof. Alexander Bismarck heads the PaCE group in the Department of Material Chemistry at University of Vienna. The Polymer & Composite Engineering (PaCE) Group is a multidisciplinary team with research interests in the manufacture and characterisation of fibre-reinforced high performance (nano) composites, porous materials and hydrogels.
Prof. Anthony Bunsell is one of the founding members of the French association for composite materials and president for ten years of the European Association for Composite Materials. In 1975 he started the research on polymer composites at MINES ParisTech. He is an expert on the behaviour of technical fibres and composite materials. His research interests include the link between the microstructure and the long-term behaviour of composite materials.
Dr. Peter Davies has for over twenty years conducted research at Marine Structures Laboratory of Ifremer (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea) in Brest, France. His main research focus is on ageing of polymers and composite materials exposed to seawater. Peter is also interested in testing and characterization of synthetic and natural fibres in sea environment.
Prof. Andy Long is the Pro-vice-chancellor of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham. He is Director of the EPSRC Future Composites Manufacturing Hub. His research focuses on design and manufacture of polymer composites for high-performance applications. Andy gives lectures on Polymer Engineering.
Prof. Véronique Michaud is the Director of the Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites at EPFL, Switzerland. Her research focuses on fundamentals of polymer composite processing. She also works on processing and properties of adaptive composites, including shape memory alloys, optical fibres, shear thickening suspensions and/or self-healing mechanisms.
Prof. Albert Turon Travesa is an Associate professor of Mechanics of Continuum Media and Theory of Structures. He belongs to the group AMADE (Analysis and Advanced Materials for Structural Design) from the University of Girona. The research activity is focused on the mechanical characterization and simulation of continuous fibre composites for structural applications.



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