MINES ParisTech as the host institution

230 years of History

MINES ParisTech (also known as École des Mines de Paris) was created in 1783 by order of Louis XVI, when the exploitation of mines was a high-technology industry. Quite naturally, the skills of the School followed the development of industry and MINES ParisTech, nowadays, is a graduate school (Grande Ecole) in Science, Engineering and Economics.

MINES ParisTech is a founding member of “Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL) - Research University”, which brings together a number of the most prestigious graduate schools and universities of Paris. For years, MINES has been dedicated to develop its worldwide reach and visibility through a broad international network such as MIT, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and Stanford University. MINES is currently ranked 5th best university in France and 109th worldwide by the Centre for World University Rankings. A strategy of intense industrial collaborations is at the heart of MINES ParisTech model, making it the number one French graduate school by the volume of contractual research.

The Centre des Matériaux

The Centre des Matériaux (Materials Centre), one of the largest research centres of MINES, belongs to the Mechanical and Materials Engineering department. The Centre des Matériaux is associated to the CNRS as a Mixed Research Unit (UMR 7633). Furthermore, the Centre is a member of the Paris Region Federation on Mechanics of Materials, Structures and Processing. The Centre des Matériaux activities are the scientific research around of materials and their applications, education and inductrial exploitation of research.


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